Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pokemon Hard Mode Episode 5, Part 2: I’m Dying, Squirtle

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A day late, I know, but this week has been crazy. Anyway, we’re back, with the second Hard Mode for the week, and this one is a big one, so be prepared. When we left off earlier this week, Phot has just “helped” Bill, and was rewarded for his efforts, but there is still much to do in Cerulean, and death lurks behind every corner (Oh Em Gee Foreshadowing).

020 Phot arrives back in Cerulean City, and notices a cop (who looks suspiciously like Mario, which can’t be unseen) standing outside a home. Phot, being a young…uh…trainer…clearly must barge in and investigate.

021 The Team Rocket thief is apparently insulted by the intrusion to his criminal activities, and so…

022 rather than run away, or beat the child senseless, he challenges him to a child’s game of cockfighting.

023 Xenu quickly takes out Machop, with a single well-placed Hyper Fang.

024 The Rocket grunt sends out a Drowzee, hoping to put Xenu to sleep.

025 Predictably, Xenu fires off a Hyper Fang attack.

026 It’s nearly completely effective, but the Drowzee is still standing, and counters back with confusion.

027 Xenu survives, barely, and attacks quickly with a…well…quick attack (hurr durr).

028 And the Drowzee is down for the count, and not a moment too soon.

029 The Rocket grunt sends out a Raticate, and Phot quickly heals Xenu with a rarely used potion.

030 Xenu’s first attempt at Hyper Fang misses, giving the enemy Raticate a chance to take him out. Is this the end of Xenu? Will L. Ron Hubbard’s followers be forced to invent a new villain? Will the millions[citation needed] of Hard Mode fans be forced to find a new favorite rat to root for?!

031 Oh…

032 Shockingly, Xenu utilizes Hyper Fang against the enemy Raticate.

033 After the Raticate attacks, again nearly killing Xenu, Xenu then counters back with a quick attack, taking the Raticate down for good.

034 Xenu’s efforts are rewarded with enough experience to push him to level 20…

035 which is enough to cause Xenu to evolve…

036 …into a bigger, stronger, angrier looking Xenu.

037 Phot makes his way south to Vermilion City, home of Lt. Surge and the Electric Gym, and the S.S. Anne.

037 While healing his team at the Pokemon Center, Phot receives some worthless item or another.

038 Phot visits the Pokemon Club, and decides to waste the next week and a half listening to the long-winded President’s rambling…

039 …and listens…

040 …and listens…

041 …and is finally rewarded for his efforts with a Bike Voucher, entitling him to one bike, as soon as he can find someone to give him one.

042 Phot encounters a wild Diglett. Should be simple enough.

043 After exchanging blows, Dillon is not looking good. Easy enough, Phot’ll just switch him out…

044 ¬†Oh…

045 With no ability to swap out, and no attack that can take the Diglett down in one hit, Phot takes the only course of action with any chance of success: catching the Diglett.

046 But if fails.

047 And just like that, Dillon falls, for the first and last time.

048 However, perhaps as retribution, the Diglett is eventually caught, thanks to KiM.

049 And Dillon is gone. RIP.

That’s it this week folks, sorry about the weird schedule, we’ll be back to normal next week maybe sorta. Tune in next week for the BIG REVEAL OF THE EVIL DIGLETT’S NAME D:

dillon squirtleumad

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